Our business A key player in customer relations

Symag, a BNPP PF subsidiary, offers retail chains pioneering, high-performance and scalable solutions in the fields of sales promotion, payment collection, store services and POS equipment. To that end Symag relies on the expertise and skills of its Consulting and Projects centre, but also on its long-time knowledge of retail issues.

Comprehensive solutions

Software publisher and service provider for retailers since 1993, Symag's offer ranges from strategic consulting on the choice of solutions and products to implementation of our payment collection and CRM suite and its operational readiness. Symag thus covers the entire life cycle of the solutions it offers.

Tangible benefits

Symag's solutions meet consumers' needs and their new buying behaviour. They ensure a smoother and more dynamic cross-channel experience, capitalize on the potential of mobility, simplify and speed up transactions but also reward consumers for their loyalty. Symag thus helps boost customer visiting frequency and volumes of purchases, all sales channels taken together.

Our expertise secures and rationalizes business tasks and processes, so that our customer teams can concentrate on the customer relationship and on business.

Our independence

Symag has always wanted to remain independent vis-à-vis constructors and technologies. We develop open-ended, multichannel and communicating solutions compatible with standard market environments and equipment.