Our quality approach A customer-centric approach to quality

Allow its customers to concentrate solely on their business issues: this is the objective Symag has set for its quality process, to guarantee that services and deliverables match its customers' needs, fully consistent with common commitments. A customer-centric approach to quality that hinges on four key principles.

Principle no. 1: independent experts

Directly attached to Senior Management, the quality department is made up of experts from all Symag's field of activity: publisher of software dedicated to retailers' offerings, services, equipment trade, maintenance and helpdesk. Independent from front-line staff, they have the necessary objectivity to accurately assess the quality of services Symag delivers to its customers, and to propose the necessary areas for improvement.

Principle no. 2: a logic of co-construction

Symag associates all parties concerned in a logic of co-construction of quality. The quality of their service is a key issue for Symag staff and the company's business lines constantly exchange views on the subject. Customers for their part are always involved in the key phases of development of the products and services that Symag develops specifically for them.

Principle no. 3: permanent controls

With a view to improving the quality of its solutions, minimizing risk and optimizing project lead times, Symag invests in and develops project quality automation and management tools. To control the proper conduct of projects and services, the quality department establishes control points throughout their life cycle. All deliverables, project milestones, progress reports and indicators are systematically assessed, analysed and shared with Symag customers to ensure that the quality goals are achieved and shared.

Principle no. 4: a pragmatic approach

Based on the principle of continuous improvement, Symag's approach to quality capitalizes on feedback from its teams and customers, and it sets out to develop and systematize good practices in the company. But each new project is tackled with pragmatism, according to its specific features, so that the quality process never acts as a curb on the effectiveness of the project.