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Echangeur by BNPP PF is a centre for technological and marketing innovation applied to customer relations. Echangeur provides CAC 40 companies, volume retailers and bank-insurance firms with advice on their innovation processes and projects.

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Echangeur support and guidance is founded on a novel combination of marketing skills and tools in the fields of data, new technologies and innovation. Its teams of experts observe and analyse developments in customer relations: they interpret emerging trends, identify good practices and consolidate lessons learned in a multitude of sectors, to enable the companies they support to develop innovative, apposite and optimal strategies.

For over fifteen years, Echangeur has been a benchmark for all companies wishing to draw on best practices in the retail sector and new consumer patterns to make a success of their approach to innovation.

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Echangeur experts and Symag R&D teams work together, exchanging and sharing their analyses, technologies and emerging consumer patterns. Symag's proximity to Echangeur enables it to broaden its ecosystem to experts, researchers and pioneering start-ups working in the world of technologies relating to customer relations, both in France and abroad.


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Discover the latest interpretations, minutes of conferences and seminars, as well as forthcoming Echangeur events, at www.echangeur.fr