Why Symag?

By joining Symag you are opting to join a pioneering and high-performance company. Our expert and committed teams focus on satisfying our customers (retail brands and chains) by offering them a unique and custom service enabling them to satisfy their own customers; consumers.

pictogramme Valuing and encouraging potential

The main richness of a company focusing on innovation is the men and women who make it up. Staff self-fulfilment and motivation enhance the performance of the structure, and their personal development leads to that of the company. Symag counts on the curiosity, talent and commitment of its teams, and encourages the development of their knowledge and know-how from day to day.

pictogramme A common goal and state of mind

Symag brings together people with different profiles and backgrounds united by shared values: teamwork, creativity and the pursuit of performance. Symag does its utmost to make the workplace rewarding, a place for dialogue and sharing, mutual enrichment in its teams, with its customers and other professionals in the sector.

pictogramme Innovation and developments in our business lines

Experts in their businesses, Symag staff are at the cutting edge of innovation and technological developments, on the lookout for new consumer buying behaviour and emerging trends. They draw on the company's experience and that of its team, and are supported and trained according to their needs to always be in step with a constantly evolving business segment.

pictogramme An advisory and support role, a close relationship

All business lines taken together, Symag staff are close to their customers. They are attentive to their needs, identifying and analysing them. They assist and construct with them the solutions best suited to their problematic. They establish a sound and solid partner relations at all levels, contend jointly with difficulties and share successes.

pictogramme Career opportunities

Symag offers opportunities for career development but also takes into consideration the individual wishes of staff. In a constantly evolving sector, one needs to take an interest in, adapt to and assimilate technologies that appear on the market. Individual training and development are thus an integral part of the company's strategy.