3 Suisses

Solution(s) used : C-LINK Loyalty

pictogramme The need

3 Suisses International represents 11 brands, 85 web sites, 40 million annual customer contacts, nearly 700 million catalogues and mailshots a year, and 110,000 transactions a day. The group plans to pool the information systems of its various brands in a new common platform. The aim is threefold: simplify "customer-centric" business processes, incorporate the multichannel dimension and cut the costs of facilities management.

pictogramme Symag's solution

The "promotions engine" component of the new IS is entrusted to Symag. The C-Link Loyalty software package offers the benefit of offer mechanisms common to all the brands and controls all loyalty development programmes aimed at consumers.

pictogramme The benefits for the retailer

Interfaced with the group's third-party applications, the CLL engine configures and executes retail offerings applicable to consumers' orders, irrespective of the channel used. The processes are simplified and facilities management costs reduced.