Louis Pion

Solution(s) used : Life cycle Consulting

pictogramme The need

Louis Pion – Royal Quartz is Galeries Lafayette's flagship watch brand. The brand wishes to have only one model of printer, ultramodern and suitable for the payment collection systems of its 177 French stores and the Spanish store that make up its distribution network.

pictogramme Symag's solution

After an audit phase conducted in consultation with Louis Pion's IT department, Symag advises the brand to install silent and rapid EPSON TMT 88 thermal printers in its stores. Symag also acts in an advisory capacity for the brand to identify solutions for recycling its old equipment.

pictogramme The benefits for the retailer

Thanks to the high reliability rate of the new printers, which cut failure and maintenance costs, Louis Pion has identified and uses equipment in its stores better suited to its distribution business. The brand now uses its old printers for back-office printing tasks in its stores.