Solution(s) used : Helpdesk

pictogramme The need

The RELAY group wishes to optimize incident management and on-site maintenance of its computing equipment (payment collection, sales management) and computer environment (plasma screens, etc.) for its 850 stores.

pictogramme Symag's solution

Symag puts a multiskilled call centre, the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC), at the disposal of the RELAY group. The single entry point for calls concerning incidents at Relay retail outlets, the SPOC records and analyses requests for assistance and forwards them to in-house or outside teams depending on their scope. The specific constraints of time slots, location (airports, stations, tourist areas, etc.) or configuration of the RELAY group's retail chains are integrated into processing procedures. Symag's operators monitor all calls up to resumption of service. Symag also provides workstation administration services for all the points of sale.

pictogramme The benefits for the retailer

By facilitating operational readiness, the SPOC reduces the risk of working in a downgraded environment. Store staff concentrate solely on coordinating their retail outlet.