Consulting Support for integration of sales promotion, loyalty and payment collection software

pictogramme The service offer

Symag provides its customers with teams of consultants specialized in the integration of sales promotion and payment collection solutions. This support service covers all project phases, from the formal statement of requirements, implementation and rollout, to widespread replication of the solutions, with internal or external support teams.

These teams also provide project owner assistance in upgrading legacy systems, integrating new solutions relating for instance to mobility, dematerialization or multichannel sales.

pictogramme The product's benefits Support throughout the process

  • Preliminary study and creation of a formal statement of requirements
  • Holistic approach to the customer's need – business and IS – and impact assessments
  • Definition of functional and integration specifications
  • Drafting and managing all the workflows
  • Integration and configuration, including equipment and security
  • Acceptance tests
  • Rollout
  • Skills transfer

pictogramme The benefits for the retail chain Functional and technical expertise

  • Consulting teams made up of functional and technical experts
  • Full knowledge of the various job functions in stores and their profiles
  • Strong link between front-line, quality, and development teams


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