C LINK Coupons The next generation couponing solution

pictogramme The solution

C-Link Coupons is a stand-alone couponing solution fully controlled by the retail chain and separate from the payment collection solution or the commercial website.

It features two main modules: a tool for designing electronic or paper coupon templates, and a rules engine for real-time Earn and Burn functions. Secure and effective, C-Link Coupons can be supplemented with a marketing service offer.

pictogramme The product's benefits A solution constructed around the C-Link Loyalty engine

  • Centralized management of template design and calculation rules
  • One-to-one offers, with coupons differentiated according to purchasing profile or cardholder
  • Total or partial dematerialization of coupons (on mobiles, commercial websites, colour or black and white printers)
  • Rules engine integrating multiple triggers on issue and on redemption

pictogramme The benefits for the retail chain A comprehensive couponing offer

  • Automated and secure control of coupon redemption
  • Financial control of volumes of coupons through real-time supervision of issues and redemptions
  • Real-time management of the database of available or burnt coupons
  • Boosts sales and mark-up

pictogramme The benefits for the end customer A personalized relationship with dedicated offers

  • Offers tailored to the customer's context and needs
  • Special relationship with a site or retailer that meets his requirements
  • Electronic or paper offers provided


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