Facilities management Operation of your hardware

pictogramme The solution : Supervision

Symag proposes C-Link Alert, an anticipatory supervision service for store and central systems.

Deployed on the Nagios platform, it offers alerts, asset management and mass deployment of software patches and updates.

The sensing devices developed by Symag's teams supervise the C-Link Loyalty and Visual Leader solutions but also other software solutions on the market. Reported events are available for consultation via a secure and customizable portal or on mobile devices (Iphone, Android).

Examples of events analysed:

  • HW: CPU temperature, disk space, network access…
  • Software: event log, versioning, end-of-day procedures, closings…
  • Systems: usage rate, response time, active processes….
  • Assets: Types, serial numbers, microcode versions….

pictogramme The solution : Network operation

Symag has a team of certified network specialists for the main solutions on the market (CISCO), who operate and administer customer infrastructures 24/7:

  • Servers and LANs/WANs
  • Network administration
  • Change management
  • Evolution of the network environment
  • Centralized control of operators on behalf of our customers

pictogramme The solution : Hosting

Symag experts assist customers in preparing specifications and in identifying suitable partners, and implement operational services in private Clouds or data centres.

As part of this solution, Symag supervises environments, provides technical support for users (incident handling) and hardware and software administration, in particular technical, operational and application updates (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS solutions).