Helpdesk Assistance and problem-solving service

pictogramme The service offer

Thanks to its various support centres, Symag remotely and constantly monitors and handles incidents in real time until they are resolved.

Symag has proactive tools for supervising customer configuration, which can automatically detect irregularities and trigger qualified alerts.

In accordance with ITIL recommendations, a "single point of contact" service handles and monitors up all incidents. As per arrangements agreed with the customer, they are then dealt with by Symag or by external partners listed by the customer.

Teams of experts specialized in each business line help resolve critical incidents and liaise with the R&D teams. With remote distribution tools they perform software updates, issue HotFixes, patches and new versions.

pictogramme The product's benefits Extended support functions

  • 24/7/365 cover
  • Multilingual call centres
  • Contractual commitment as per level of service (SLAs: pick-up rates and times, processing time, etc.)
  • Escalation plan per degree of criticality

pictogramme The benefits for the retail chain A tailor-made solution

  • A preferred contact, the service manager, provides the customer with support and guidance: reporting, indicators, steering committees and continuous quality improvement
  • Maintenance of operational readiness of store and central systems
  • Indicators and incidents available for consultation through a dedicated customer portal
  • Use of an incident knowledge base
  • Independence vis-à-vis software and hardware
  • Incidents recorded in benchmark ticketing tools (IWS) or in customers' existing tools


pictogramme Key facts

300,000 calls per annum

+ 120 positions

2 sites : Brest and Cracow

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