Magasin Général

Solution(s) used : C-Link Loyalty

pictogramme The need

Based in Tunisia, the Magasin Général group specializes in the distribution of food products and hi-fi equipment under various brands. The group wants to have a loyalty development system that manages multi-brand programmes, with the imperative of being able to incorporate the customer history of the old system's cardholders.

pictogramme Symag's solution

After setting up C-Link Loyalty, Symag's loyalty development and sales promotion solution, the database of 175,000 customers in the old loyalty development system is implemented in the tool. CARTETNA, the new multi-brand loyalty card, can now be used at all retail outlets and on all the web sites of the Magasin Général group.

pictogramme The benefits for the retailer

Loyalty points are earned in "real time", directly at checkout or on the web site. Thanks to proactive communication and the presence of teams tasked with informing customers of the benefits of its new programme, Magasin Général now has more than 600,000 cardholders.

pictogramme The benefits for consumers

With the versatile CARTETNA card, its holders are recognized, benefit from personalized special offers, and earn points on their everyday purchases that can be traded in at any time for discount vouchers and gifts.