E-commerce Arousing interest with a few clicks

In the e-commerce sector, web users can access a wide range of offers, the relevance and aggressiveness of which will arouse their interest and induce them not just to gather information but to purchase.

Beyond an attractive presentation of products, it is essential for an e-retailer to provide each consumer with the right offer at the right time. In a context of very high volumes of demand and data, product details such as prices may vary according to the web user's status, the period of sale, and special deals or terms offered by one or more suppliers.

Symag's C-Link Loyalty sales promotion solution is integrated and well-tested with all sales and direct marketing management tools used in e-commerce. It takes these various components into account to give e-retailers greater flexibility and adaptability in their marketing, so as to take full advantage of their site's potential. With a performance-based approach, the Symag rules engine responds to web users' queries within 50 milliseconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The main benefit for the e-retailer: a single tool to control all its brand sites, distance selling activities, in France and abroad, for greater flexibility, performance and earning power.


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