Specialized retail The service point at the heart of the customer relationship

In the specialized retail sector, the degree of autonomy and diversity of tasks on payment collection workstations is higher than in other retail models.

More versatile, the workstation should have specific functionalities: sales promotion, inventory control, supervision and reporting, delivery management, or even e-mail are the functionalities offered by Symag solutions. In an environment where the number of workstations is limited, the reliability of our solutions and the quality of our operational readiness services also enable Symag customers to optimize the availability rate of their payment collection system, by capitalizing on proven, operational systems with appropriate functionalities.

To foster the close and personalized relationship that customers of a specialist retailer expect, Symag offers them multichannel management of their customer relationship in a single tool: easy to configure, adapted to the specific formats of sales promotion programmes in the sector, natively featuring a rich library of offer and campaign triggers, it offers seamless communication between physical and virtual channels. Effective solutions serving your customers.


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