Textile The textile industry, complex and so rich

A product available in several sizes and different colours, which can be returned or exchanged, collections and product numbers that change frequently, a close relationship between the retailer and the customer: clothes shops need management tools that are flexible, rich and complex.

Designed on the basis of greater integration between the front office and the back office, Symag's software solutions above all aim to ensure a seamless flow of data in real time. Their reliability and robustness guarantee an optimal availability rate of workstations, which is all the more crucial as, in most cases, the shop has only a limited number of cash registers.

The C-Link Loyalty sales promotion and loyalty development solution enables a differentiating customer relationship. The retail chain communicates with its customers through personalized messages based on their habits and appetite, with abundant information on new products as fashions and seasons change and new collections come out.


Key references: Etam, Galeries Lafayette, Tati, Fabio Lucci

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