Weak signals and high added value

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The Symag R & D unit is in a permanent technological "standby state" in the domain of customer relationship solutions. It is also attentive to emerging trends and "weak signals" in terms of consumer behavior. Our R & D collects from its customers, its partners and in close link with L'Echangeur (*), the new challenges of brands and retailers.

Partner  and customers

The goal of Symag R & D is to produce operational and useful innovations for the retail and retailers. The equipment, materials and processes used for internal testing are identical to those of the live users of our solutions. Customers are invited to participate in the evaluation of the prototypes. At the end, performance, robustness, maintainability and ability to handle large volumes of transactions must be systematically take in consideration.

A transversal organization

Engineers, experts and technicians from the Symag R & D unit all work on the same site, both on specific client projects and generic novelties. If, in a spirit of openness, they can call on external skills (ergonomics, emerging technologies, competitiveness clusters), they remain independent and always select the most appropriate solutions and technologies for each innovative project. 

Competitiveness Cluster

Symag is a player in the SCS Cluster. As the leading European ecosystem for microelectronics, internet of things, digital security, artificial intelligence and big data technologies, the SCS Cluster brings together an ecosystem of more than 320 industrial players, large groups, SMEs and startups, research laboratories and leading universities in their domains. As a catalyst for innovation, SCS supports its digital ecosystem in the development, financing and marketing of innovative products and services.

(*) Echangeur: The BNP Paribas Personal Finance Echangeur represents a reference for all companies that want to innovate just by being inspired by the best practices of distribution and new consumer uses. Its experts invite you to develop a best in class vision thanks to a collective and immersive consideration of the environment dedicated to the customer relationship. Their analyses are based on consolidating feedback, identifying good practices or taking into account emerging trends (

BlockSY: to simplify Blockchain projects

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With BlockSY, your company is ready to interact securely and seamlessly with its entire ecosystem.
In a context of digital transformation, information systems and more and more connected objects, security and trust are now at the centre of all concerns. The proliferation of threats to cyber security, new regulations and interoperability requirements make encryption technologies and inviolability essential.

Why Blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is a distributed, certified, non-centralized registry that allows any user of the system to verify the validity of stakeholders, their transactions, and registered assets.
This technology makes it possible to secure digital transactions, facilitate trust between stakeholders and provide answers in terms of interoperability.
BlockSY is a platform and a set of APIs allowing any company to integrate its services and products with Blockchain technologies in a simple and secure way. The objective of BlockSY is to federate within the same platform complementary Blockchain technologies (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Hyperledger and others) and to expose a unique interface (API) allowing to address and save your operations in different Blockchain in a completely customizable way. 

BlockSY APIs can be used to:

  • Store and certify digital transactions securely
  • Store digital evidence securely
  • Store digital assets securely
  • Create and manipulate digital tokens
  • Create and manipulate digital resources
  • Manage and use Smart Contracts.

So many use cases that can add value to existing services or participate in creating new ones.

For more details on this offer:

Business case Blockchain: security and traceability of donations

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MicroDon is a French Social Utility Solidarity Company (ESUS) approved by the French administration and certified by B-Corp, which develops, thanks to new technologies, innovative solutions to support associations through micro-donations.
In 2018 and 2019, Symag participated in the HackaDon organized by MicroDon by providing support and technical expertise by making the BlockSy offer available.

This demonstrator made it possible to exploit the two essential characteristics of Blockchain: Security and Traceability.
One of the issues in the management chain is the level of trust of donors who demand full transparency in the use of their donations and payments to charities, especially with open ecosystems involving multiple actors.

To answer to these challenges, our Blockchain solution has been integrated into a simple, user-friendly and totally secure journey.

The stages of the journey:

  • Creation of a digital wallet
    • This portfolio is created in a Blockchain and is the starting point for the traceability of all movements
  • Opening a digital Guestbook
    • Comments entered are entered in the Blockchain, signed and secured
  • Financial participation
    • The amounts paid manually or automatically are entered in the Blockchain with the wishes of the donor.

The + retailer

This demonstrator gives a very concrete example of a possible use case of the Symag Blockchain.
By facilitating the integration of these scalable technologies and standardizing access interfaces (APIs) to registration, signature and consultation features, our offering expands the field of use of Blockchains by drastically reducing time-to-market.

The Blockchain in brief

The Blockchain is a transparent and secure digital transaction execution and registration technology that operates without a central control body.
By extension, a Blockchain is a distributed register that contains the history of all the exchanges made between its Users since its creation in the form of an electronic chain of transactions.
This registry is secure and distributed, it is shared by its different users, without intermediary which allows everyone to check the validity.