The Blockchain made in France at Viva Technology

The Blockchain made in France in the spotlight at Business France area at Viva Technology!

"Securing digital transactions and connected objects, traceability of food and raw materials, cooperation in decentralized organizations and even  « uber's uberisation  » ... the fields of application of the Blockchain seem endless so that the World Economic Forum ranks it among the breakthrough innovations which heralds a 4th Industrial Revolution and many say that the Blockchain will have as much impact on our daily lives as the Internet."

Julien Bonnel, Head of Innovation

Symag launched BlockSY in order to give access to the Blockchain technology to our clients and future clients. BlockSY is a solution that allows any company or organization to include its services and products into the Blockchain in a simple and secure way.

Join us at Viva Technology on May 25th at Business France’s booth (D38) starting 10 am.

On the day's agenda :

  • Nancy Gomez, CEO at CarnotDesk & co-writer of “Géopolitique des cryptomonnaies” 
  • Laurent LELOUP, Founder and CEO at Chaineum 
  • Olivier ROCCA, Co-founder and CEO at MoneybyDesign
  • Gilbert REVEILLON, Chairman at TIC and Economie numérique, Les CCE 
  • Julien BONNEL, Head of Innovation at Symag 


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Illustration actualité BlockSY

11 May 2018

BlockSY, the Blockchain by Symag

The blockchain is an innovative technology that is used to secure digital transactions.