Field Services

On-Site Installation, Maintenance and Cabling

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Facing of complex and evolving technical environments, companies must be able to rely on an expert and reliable partner to ensure the quality of their systems and allow them to focus on their core business.
Symag offers a global range of field services such as installation, roll out, training, remodeling, maintenance (scalable, curative, and proactive) so that your systems and networks are always functional.

The multi-manufacturer maintenance solution

symag services sur site maintenance

We ensure the maintenance in operational condition of the different configurations in the context of contractual commitments. With its industrial tools, we have an infrastructure and an organization that ensures guaranteeing the SLAs defined together:

  • Stock and reporting tools
  • Access and follow-up portal
  • Geo-location and planning tools

In connection with a network of approved partners, our technicians operate in France Metropolitan, French Overseas Departments and Territories and neighboring European countries. we operate on all store hardware perimeters (front and back office devices, security, counting, networks, electronic banking, terminals, etc.), regardless of the manufacturer.

The + service: a complete and fast service guaranteed

  • Material warranty management
  • Adjustment of commitments according to the criticality of equipment
  • Intervention at 4am, 8am, D+1, participatory maintenance...
  • Real-time consultation portal
  • Certified technicians.

The + retailer: a great capacity for action 

  • Customer support by a dedicated “service manager”: reporting, indicators, steering committees and continuous improvement process of quality
  • Asset management 
  • Processes in line with ITIL recommendations
  • Proposal for material renewals 
  • Centralized logistics DW and remote logistics points.

Key data:

  • 32,000 on-site interventions / year
  • 50 000 shipments / year

The "turnkey" installation proposal

symag services sur site deploiement

We offer its customers a "turnkey" installation of their solutions. With its experience, we provide rollout operations in all retail businesses, according to the requirements and constraint of each sector: schedules, public presence, Frozen Zone period, airport security, change management and industrial deployment. Organized around the logistics platform and its planning tool, our project managers coordinate all process monitoring to optimize preparations and deployment times, while respecting the security and safety constraints and environmental issue. Technical teams work on a wide range of hardware equipment: point of sales, point of services, mobility, kiosk, workstations, routers, cabling and network equipment, POS peripherals, servers, counting, Digital Signage, etc.

The + service: a complete management of the need

  • Management of massive deployments
  • Strong storage and logistics management capabilities
  • Industrial staging of multi-vendor devices
  • Deployment of new sites, partial or total remodeling 
  • Uninstallation and repackaging 
  • Staff training and opening assistance.

The + Retailer: a large capacity of actions

  • Support of the customer by the service manager: reporting, indicators, steering committees and continuous improvement process of quality
  • Experienced teams and retail specialists
  • A network of more than 100 technicians trained regularly
  • Multi manufacturer, multi Software capabilities

Key data:

  • 6,000 installed sites / year
  • 50,000 logistics operations / year
  • 2,500 m² of secure storage

The offer of wired and Wi-Fi cabling

symag services sur site cablage et reseau

We offer a full range of equipment in wired and wireless networks for new stores, remodeling projects, patching cabinets, auditing and maintenance.
Our internal teams, supplemented by a network of approved subcontracting partners, cover the entire territory and can intervene in front and back office retail sector, industry and administration.
We expert can also perform audit and consulting missions to optimize the infrastructure and performance for existing environments.

The + service: a complete and powerful offer

  • National Network of Experts
  • Business Certification
  • Specialized in retail and industrial environments
  • Audit report, wiring plan recommendation delivering
  • Reflectometry
  • Active and passive equipment maintenance contracts.

A dedicated interlocutor

symag service manager

The service manager is the interlocutor identified and dedicated to a customer. He leads the relationship, analyzes the indicators and advocates actions in the context of continuous improvement of quality.

The + service: a privileged interlocutor for all recurring services
• Animates the committees (management, steering, operational, monitoring)
• Follows quality of service SLA indicators
• Initiate the action plans needed for the good performance of services
• Contributes to the improvement of control means and indicators
• Proposes solutions for optimizing or improving process.