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Proactivity, reactivity, availability, skills: Our call centre teams are made of retail specialist. They control and understand this environment, it’s constrains and expectations. From qualification to world class support through deployment support, our staff/specialist are specially trained on configurations and software used by our customers. They can use our knowledge data base and ticketing tools with the aim to constantly improve our service quality and our solutions in operational mode.

The support and incident and change management

symag supports a distance helpdesk

With its support centres, Symag manage and follow up incidents until they are closed. 
Within the ITIL standards, a «Single Point Of Contact» manages and follows up all the tickets which are processed by our teams or transferred to the partners identified with our customers. Our ability to manage software solutions from numerous editors simplify the daily life and the operational environment visibility.

The retailer plus: a retail expert team trained onto your environments

  • Processes set up in line with each brands expectations 
  • Management and tracking of the different participants 
  • Incident overview via a secure portal 
  • Access to our ticketing tool or the one chosen by the retailer 
  • Knowledge data base set up 
  • Detailed reporting on all indicators 
  • Incidents analysis for quality improvement recommendation 
  • Interactive Voice Server personalization (i.e. message for large external incidents).

Anticipation and Proactivity

symag support a distance surveillance et rapport

Symag has proactive tools to monitor customers’ configurations, allowing the automatic detection of malfunctions and the triggering of special alerts. 
Teams of specialist will help to resolve critical incident and make the link with the R&D teams. With remote control tools, they manage software updates, HotFix, patches and pushes new release. 
Examples of events analysis: 

  • HW: UC temperature, disks spaces, network access …
  • Software: events log, versioning, End of days processes …
  • Systems: Activity rates, response time, active/dead processes …
  • Devices: types, serial numbers, microcode versions …

The product plus: extended support 

  • Time coverage 24/7/365
  • Multi-languages platform
  • Contractual engagement of the SLAs 
  • Escalation plan based on criticality 
  • Access to an incident knowledge data base. 

The retailer plus: a tailored solution 

  • Dedicated contact with the Service manager : reporting, indicators, project committee and quality improvement processes 
  • Operational maintenance of the store’s and  central systems 
  • Key Indicators and incidents monitoring through a customer dedicated portal 
  • Editors and manufacturers Independent. 

The key numbers/data: 

  • 280 000 hotline calls/year
  • 100 positions
  • 60 000 services and flow monitored
  • 1 site : Brest

The right point of contact

symag service manager

The service manager is the stores’ dedicated point of contact. He manages the relationships, analyses the indicators and recommend actions with the goal to constantly improve quality.

The services plus: A dedicated point of contact for all the recurring services

  • Manages and enables communication between the different operational teams
  • Leads the different committees (direction, management, operational)
  • Follows & monitors the service quality indicators 
  • Sets up & plans the required action plans to maintain the good delivery of services 
  • Works to improve control tools and indicators 
  • Proposes solutions to optimize and improve procedures.