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Consumers do change, as well as their habits too. They are mobile, on social media, digital and connected. They seek for recognition, support and reward.
Our goal is to allow brands to develop dedicate relationships with each customer, within a changing industry, in order to promote a trustful relationship beneficial to both the retailer and the customer.

Recreate the client loyalty experience

The solution: allow to build, test, spread and run commercial campaigns and loyalty programs in real time. Points, discounts, rebate, coupons, special offer, bundle … with over 100 000 combinations of offers, is certainly the best efficient tool in its class.
Centralize, structure and manage, in a unique client environment customers’ data, customer’s event as well as sales statistics collected  through all the different channels.

The solution plus: A real time, One-to-One and Omni-channel solution

  • Single customer database
  • Promotion, multi brand and multi-programs
  • E-Commerce, Retail, hospitality
  • Omni-channel : store, mobiles, website, social networks, kiosks 
  • Mainly Real time
  • GDPR compliant.

The retailer plus: An overall customer knowledge 

  • 360° Vision
  • Large advantages library
  • Budget control
  • Exploitation and IT integration simplified 
  • Optimised availability rate.

Special offers that reflect your identity

c-link coupons

The solution: One-to-One couponing offer, Omni channel and mobile, is an autonomous solution, fully controlled by the store and independent from the POS solution or the ecommerce website. The coupon wizard, in hard copy or digitalized is made upon customers’ buying profiles or card holder’s status.

The solution plus: A solution built on the engine.

  • Templates creation and calculation engine Centrally managed 
  • One-to-One offers, with coupons based upon customers’ buying profile or card holder status
  • Total or partly digitalisation of the coupon (on mobile, ecommerce site, colour or black and white printer) 
  • Engine rules with numerous triggers on earning and burning process
  • Personalized customer relationship
  • adapted client offers based on its context and needs
  • Special relationship with a website, or a brand which meets its expectations. 

The retailer plus: a full couponing offer 

  • Automated and secure control of the coupon processing 
  • Financial control of coupons volumes with real time issuing and processing management
  • Pool of available or burned coupon managed in real time
  • Revenue and margin boosting

Manage your budgets and overview campaigns

symag fidelisation promotion budget planning

The solution : The Budget & Planning module brings to the marketing staff an overview of their business plan, allows a real time monitoring of marketing budgets and gives a view of the whole set of special offers and advantages configured into the solution. Gathering in one application the communication costs and the transactions offers, this module allows an accurate management of the marketing campaigns.

The product plus: A solution to manage your budgets in real Time

  • Financial monitoring on 4 levels : Sales/business plan, marketing plan, campaigns, offers 
  • Time stamped records 
  • Documents archiving (advertising, invoices, contracts …) 
  • Operations status management (planned, active, archived)
  • Users right management. 

The retailer plus: campaign management under control

  • 3 types of display : list, Charts view, Gantt chart
  • Workflow for plans and campaign management 
  • Financial aggregates
  • Return On Investments management (ROI)
  • Emails distribution based upon users’ profile.

Guarantee promotions and offers availability at all time

C-Link Embedded

The solution: Sales animation remains available even in case of network failure. A software pack is downloaded every night with the last rule engine version and the configuration data matching with the current offers. In case of network failure (Wan or Lan), the calculation becomes automatically internal in the POS terminal with the same management rules than in centralised mode.

The product plus: Offers always available

  • Identical rule engine in the central level and in the POS terminal 
  • Optimised Bundles/packages building for each site 
  • Integration simplification with POS systems. 

The retailer plus: The guarantee of a kept promise

  • Client promise kept even in case of network failure
  • Automatic switch into local mode 
  • Back logs reconciliation when the network is back on service 
  • No performance lost. 

Bespoke Loyalty projects


In term of loyalty and offer solution, it is essential that each brand benefits from bespoke configuration, adapted to their needs. 
That’s Symag’s consulting department role. Software, products and functional experts, our consultant’s teams, made of project managers and trainers, will assist you with the configuration and implementation of your loyalty and offers solutions and train your teams on how to use the solutions on a daily basis. 
Our objective is to propose optimised, functional solutions, adapted to your needs and which are fully under control.

Consulting : Support with the integration of your functional software

Symag provides to its customers teams of consultant’s specialists in integration of loyalty and promotions. The support covers all the project‘s stages: needs qualification, built, run and the solutions’ renewal management.  

The service plus: Support through the whole operational chain 

  • Pre-study and creation of a needs qualification guide 
  • Holistic approach to the functional and IS’s expectations  
  • Definition of the integration and functional specifications 
  • Writing and management of all the workflows 
  • Production 
  • Skills transfer.

The retailer plus: Functional and Technical expertise

  • Perfect knowledge of the different stores’ functions and profile 
  • Strong bounds between the operational and quality teams and the development teams.

The project manager : A tailored support

Prime customer contact, the project manager manage all the requests, process them and guarantee an overall consistency of the solution: collection and query analysis, planning …
In rollout projects, then with renewals, the project manager is coordinating the industrialization stage, approve the prerequisites before setting ups, drives the teams on the field and inform the customer through the activity reports and steering committees.

The service plus: a unique point of contact 

  • Customer support with the software integration
  • Planning follow up
  • Budget control
  • Reporting and project committee. 

The retailer plus: support with the build and Run stages 

  • Customer relationship : needs analysis, follow up, advisory, anticipation 
  • Project management : time, budgets, quality control, risk management, alerts, scope development 
  • Technical expertise and  store environment control 
  • Multiple stakeholders management (stock, clearance, network wiring, management of several specialists working simultaneously, dismantlement and destruction)
  • Relationship with the hotline support teams (dedicated teams, renewals setting …).