Who are we?

A key player in customer engagement and services for the retail

Symag provides retailers with innovative, high-performance and scalable solutions in the areas of loyalty, promotion, and point-of-sale.
Symag relies on the expertise of its Software, Project, On-Site and Remote Services divisions, as well as an innovative approach in response to the current challenges of the Retail.

Comprehensive Answers: Software Company and Service provider for all the sector of the retail since 1993, the offer of Symag start from strategic consulting in the choice of solutions and products, point of sales software and customer relationship integration and development and field and helpdesk services. Symag manage the entire life cycle of the proposed solutions.

Concrete benefits:  Symag solutions meet consumer needs and new consumer’s behaviors. They make it possible to streamline and boost cross-channel experiences, to exploit the potential of mobility, to simplify and speed up transactions, and to reward consumers for their loyalty. Symag thus helps to increase the visit frequency and the volumes of purchases, all sales channels combined.
Our expertise helps secure and streamline business tasks and processes, so our customer teams can focus on customer relationship and core business.

The choice of independence: Symag has always made the choice to remain independent vis-à-vis manufacturers and technologies. We develop open, multi-channel solutions, communicating and compatible with the environments and reference components of the market.

Women-men equality index : Symag has a strategy of professional equality between women and men, this approach allows us to reach a value of the equality index of 85 points out of 100 for the year 2020 according to the calculation method of the September 5, 2018 law. This policy of equality  between women and men is a priority which is part of a permament monitoring.

Symag organization:

4 offices in France:

  • Villejuif: Sales and general management
  • Rungis: logistics and field services
  • Brest: International call center
  • Sophia-Antipolis: professional services and software development

In April 2024, Symag joined the ChapsVision group:

  • Specialist in sovereign data processing 
  • Over 1,000 employees 
  • 21 acquisitions, 20 years of expertise, 600 accounts