POS Solutions

The POS into a new dimension

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Ominicanality, mobility, client engagement, the POS’ field is getting wider without limits to enhance user’s experience and business efficiency.
Our objective is to make the purchase a more useful moment, a new space of services and relationships with customers, as well as a new tool of knowledge and commercial engagement.

From POSales to POServices

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The solution: is a multi-sector solution, multi-formats and globally installed. Built upon an open infrastructure», brings simplicity to all business activities, using mobile, hybrid or classical POS with the efficiency of a centralised control.The solution integrates many business modules such as Front and Back office, Payment, Mobility, BYOD, Cash Management, Self-Checkout, Service Kiosk, centralised management and the hospitality functionalities.The offer includes a set of supervision and monitoring tools that allow to reach a very high level of availability and reduce ownership costs. 

The solution plus: Multi-channel, international and multi-formats solution with a unique architecture

  • Food and beverage, specialised, fashion, lux and hospitality
  • Service and information Kiosk, mobility 
  • Multi-tiers architecture and hardware independent 
  • Integrated monitoring Tools.

The retailer plus: An architecture dedicated to business performance and customer relationship  

  • Intuitive GUI, mobile or hybrid 
  • Seamless customers’ journey
  • E-Commerce and mobility Convergence
  • Reporting and centralised management
  • Aggregation and third party applications, data sharing Hub

A robust POS solution

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The solution: is a POS solution design to process high volumes of transactions and optimised to integrate the new business trends: dematerialization, mobility, self-shopping, cash management …
Its configuration capabilities allow a high level of customization, a swift handling by the users and the easy rollout of the POS.

The solution plus: An industrial grade POS software  

  • Functionality range and performances adapted to stores’ specific need
  • Native integration with industry leaders as card payment and mobile payment and gift cards 
  • Integration with Symag’s monitoring tools service
  • Native integration of self-service practices : self-checkout, self-scanning, payment kiosk 
  • Mobile POS and Queue Busting (C-Link Mpos) Module
  • Real-time sales processing and reports

The retailer plus: personalisation, Security

  • Wide range of configuration/setting options 
  • Simplicity of the POS processes for sales and administrative functions
  • Wide range of multi-sectors functional option, Food and specialised business
  • Work station  Ergonomics, User interface fully customizable
  • Numerous reporting and data available in real time.

The POS solution for SMEs

c-link u-till

The solution: is a POS solution on tablet, dedicated to SMEs. It allows store manager to manage all aspects of their activity using more than 150 functionalities.

The solution plus: A versatile solution 

  • Ergonomic and powerful software on tablet device
  • Data storage and access to management tools in the cloud
  • Service available on site and remotely, which includes set-up and training, as well as the hotline assistance and the products maintenance by our teams of experts
  • Products selected and dedicated for this type of businesses (SMEs), powerful, reliable and rewarding. 

The traders plus: improve the day to day sole traders’ life 

  • Florist, hair dresser, fashion, bakery, bar, hospitality…
  • Financial and bookkeeping Management (discounts, cash, invoices, financial results export- CVS file) 
  • Real-time management (stocks, customers) 
  • Storage 100% secure in the cloud 
  • Automated sales and stocks management

For more information, please visit our dedicated website on:
=>  https://www.clutill.fr/

The new faces of the user experience

Symag solutions d'encaissement parcours digital

Customers are mobile, connected, volatile and very demanding. Omnichannel is a technical word that must be translated concretely as the simplicity and fluidity of exchanges between the brand and consumers.

Omnichannel is no longer limited to 3 layers of customer traffic –As store / mobility / Ecommerce, but it has definitely become part of the physical in-store customer journey as well. Self Check Out, Kiosk, Mobiles, Tools for Sales staff and BYOD multiply points of contact with customers and the need for agile interaction of many third-party tools.

Our solutions -natively and technologically open- simplify the integration of external module by simplifying the user experience in a double objective: maintain an uninterrupted relationship and to maintain optimal performances.

Our omnichannel approach integrates mobile POS applications, Endless apps, and rich API interfacing capabilities by exposing our business modules to third-party tools.

The + product: performance for all uses

  • API Library
  • High level of performance
  • Exposure of POS and promotion business rules
  • Ergonomics optimized to different usage
  • Independence of OS and hardware (IOS - Android)

The + retailer : customer relations at the heart of our concerns

  • Simplification of customer journeys
  • Speed of setting up new uses cases
  • Uniformity of the customer relationship
  • Ergonomics

Be spoked POS projects


In the area of POS it is a paramount that each brand benefit from a bespoked set up/configuration adapted to their needs.

That is Symag’s consulting department role. Software, solution and business Experts, our consultant team, project managers and trainers will assist you during the set up and integration stage of your POS solutions and will train your team to use them on a daily basis. 
Our objective is to provide you with perfectly tuned, operational and functional solution in line with your needs.

Consulting : support with the integration of your software

Symag provides to its customers, teams of consultants specialised in the integration of POS solutions. The support cover all the project’s stages: needs formalization, implementation, UAT, production phase and the solution renewals.

The service plus: Support through the whole process

  • Pre-analysis and creation of a pool of identified needs 
  • Holistic approach of the customers’ expectations, business and IT teams   
  • Qualification of the integrations and functional specifications 
  • Drafting and management of all the workflows  
  • Launching the run mode
  • Skills transfer.

The Brand plus: Technical and functional expertise 

  • Deep knowledge of the different functions and store profile 
  • Strong bounds between the operational and quality teams and the development teams.

The project manager : a dedicated support

First customer’s contact, the project manager consider all requests, deal with them and guaranty the overall consistency of the solution: request management and analysis, planning …
In projects deployment, then with renewals, the project manager coordinate the industrialization stage, validate the prerequisites prior to setups, leads teams on field and inform the customer via activities follow ups and steering committees». 

The service plus: A single dedicated point of contact 

  • Client support with a global view of the project
  • In line with Road map 
  • In line with Budget
  • Reporting and follow up project committee. 

The brands plus: Support through the Build stage until the Run stage  

  • Customer Relationship: need analysis, follow up, advisory, anticipation 
  • Project management : meeting deadlines, budgets, quality standards, risks prevention, alerts, project’s scope evolution 
  • Technical expertise and Retail environments knowledge  
  • Management of several stakeholders (stock, authorization, wiring, simultaneous intervention of different specialists, dismantlement and destruction)
  • Relation with the remote support teams (temporary dedicated team, renewals…).