BlockSY, the Blockchain by Symag

The blockchain is an innovative technology that is used to secure digital transactions.

What is Blockchain?

By extension, a blockchain is a registery that contains the history of all the exchanges made between its users since its creation.

This technology certifies all the exchanges by relying on the IT contribution of the members of the network. In other words, the storage of data is no longer done on a single server managed by a company, such as PayPal, Uber or Google, but on the computers of everyone involved in the system.

The Blockchain can also be used to certify a contract, a diploma, a will or a title.


BlockSY by Symag

To meet the needs of our customers and prospects in terms of securing data and transactions, Symag has created BlockSY.

BlockSY is a platform that allows any company or organization to integrate its services and products into the Blockchain in a simple and secure way.

Concretely, BlockSY is:

Blocksy is a tool that allows any company or organization to:

  • to register and track users, transactions, and assets among different types of Blockchain technologies, either private and public, satisfying the requirements of your different business cases and workflows
  • to interoperate with others securely, anonymously, and transparently on the Blockchain with the highest grade of European security standards and legal compliance

Discover the infography "Blockchain: a step towards the 4th industrial revolution"

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